Please keep your smart ass comments about Indians to yourself

Dr. Soumen,

This is an unsolicited mail and you have all rights to classify it as
spam or another mail from an illiterate person (whose citizenship you
unfortunately share
 I consider myself to be a proud Indian who thinks that the country needs
to move forward and we IITians have the biggest responsibility in this
regard. I understand that you are a professor at IITB and you could have
stayed in US and earned a lot of $$. But I am ashamed of your views that
you so bravely put forth on your webpage which runs on the server of IITB
which is funded by taxpayers money whom you consider nothing more than
 If you had a little bit of self respect you could have removed that
webpage from the IITB server and could have used your private account for
that but alas you dont have an iota of self respect in you.
 As an ungrateful son of soil you have all rights to mock Indians but
certainly you donot have the rights to use their money to do so.
 In future before issuing worthless remarks on Indians and their begging
habits I ask you to do a little introspection and remember the day when
you were standing in the line to get an american visa.
 In future please keep your smart ass comments about Indians to yourself.

A proud Indian.
Varun Aggarwala.