Consulting and Software Licensing Agreements

Some informal notes by Soumen Chakrabarti

This page may be useful to you if you are looking to license software produced by me and my group at IIT, or hire me as a consultant.

To my knowledge, IIT allows the interaction mode elaborated in this page, but does not enforce it; other rules may hold for other faculty members. This page is only meant to be informative; the practices described here are not officially approved by IIT for all possible agreements.

The Office of the Dean (R&D) has final and binding jurisdiction within IIT on these matters. This document is just an initial guide, and is probably lighter reading than legalese.

The procedure to set up a licensing and/or consulting agreement is as follows:

  1. The prospective client (you) establish contact with me.
  2. We agree on the terms and conditions via emails and/or meetings, and draft the documents.
  3. You send the draft agreements (including any non-disclosure agreement) with a letter asking for my services to the Associate Dean (R&D). Please copy the R&D office and me as well. Contact emails are here.
  4. The Dean approves the project by signing the papers and we set a timeline for work and payment.
  5. The Dean's office sends you invoices in due course.
  6. You make checks (usually) to "The Registrar, IIT Bombay" but ship them to me.

Software licensing agreements

Consulting agreements

A client can choose to include handholding fees within the license fee, or make a separate consulting agreement. If the IPR protection needs are very different across IIT's background IPR and the client's foreground development needs, it's easiest to make two separate agreements.