1. Tell your (cab) driver to go to IIT Powai near Hiranandani. Go to the main gate.
  2. At the main gate, ask for directions to the KReSIT building (pronounced "cray-sit").
  3. Drive/walk along the (nameless) road starting at the main gate.
  4. Stay on the road until you reach a T-junction that lets you turn right into a wide (nameless) road lined with large trees, with a brick sidewalk on the left side.
  5. Once you are on this road, take the first left, turning through 120 degrees.
  6. Then follow this narrower (nameless) road until you see on your left a giant building that looks like it couldn't possibly exist in reality, an Escher diagram of sort.
  7. I am in the second floor (ground==0), A wing, room 204.
  8. If I am not around, hang around the first-floor department office and get an office staff member to call me.

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