Graduate Software Lab Planning Notes

AS, DMD, RKJ, SB, Siva, Soumen, Sudarshan


We will keep adding links to relevant sites for downloads and documentation.  We would appreciate comments and feedback; please send email to soumen.  The list is roughly in order of generic to specific skills.  By Windows we usually mean Windows NT workstation version 4.

Course description

The purpose of this course is to impart broad training in tools and methodology to make students proficient in the processes and practices involved in courses, projects, research, and publication.  Tools include email and news readers, editors, web browsers, and software for scientific typesetting, web publishing, slide preparation, etc.  Students will be made familiar with UNIX (Linux) and Windows platforms, including minor administration, shell tools, and simple scripting.  Project development involves familiarity with programming environments and languages, version control, software reuse and familiarity with standard libraries.  Additionally, students will get early exposure to network and database protocols, including simple UNIX network utilities, web-based protocols, and basic SQL client-server programming.

Proposed syllabus

Familiarity with tools

System maintenance skills

Project development skills

Network related skills

Database related skills