CS635: Web Search and Mining
Spring 2009

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Soumen Chakrabarti
Teaching assistants
Avinava Dubey , Amit Singh
Time and place
The first lecture is on Fri 2009/01/02 in SIC301. The second lecture is on 2009/01/06 Tue 2:00-3:25pm. After that we will move to the official slot 14 given by CSE.
Visit the Moodle site for CS635 here.
Syllabus and lecture calendar
See the moodle page.
Course newsgroup
Watch cse.cs635 (internal access) on jeeves.cse.iitb.ac.in for announcements.
Instead of batched homeworks we will offer one ever-growing log file of homeworks with a separate due date for each problem. To be worked out in small groups of 2--3 students.
What topic was covered when.


Books in decreasing order of use made in this courseBut our main resource will be papers, which are linked off the course calendar.


Credit students will need to write a midterm (approximately 30%) and a final (approximately 40%) exam, and do a few assignments, typically using Java, Scilab and WEKA (approximately 30%).

Audit students have to write only the final exam and, to pass, their score must be above the bottom 20 percent of the class in finals only.

Grades have been finalized and are kept in a password-protected area.


Mtech1s, DD4s and Btech3s are the primary targets for this course. But it is open to all PG, DD and Btech4 students of all departments subject to department/facad approval. If you are CSE Btech3, ask for my consent by email while citing your CPI and grades in Paradigms and Prob/Stat.