CS635: Web Search and Mining
Autumn 2013

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Soumen Chakrabarti
Teaching assistants
Mandar Joshi, Sumit Sahu.
Time and place
We are in slot 13, Mon, Thu 6:35--8:00pm, LCH31. But the room may be changed to a KR classroom.
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Lecture material


Books in decreasing order of use made in this course:

There will also be many papers, which will be linked off the course syllabus.



Mtech1s, DD4s and Btech3s are the primary targets for this course. But it is open to all PG, DD and Btech4 students of all departments subject to department/facad approval. If you are CSE Btech3, ask for my consent by email while citing your CPI and grades in Paradigms and Prob/Stat.