A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence

James N. Watkins


My name is Sreenivasulu K.V.N (aka srinivas, kvn)

Third year Undergraduate

Computer Science and Engineering Department

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

About Me

I am from Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

Since my name is very uncommon and hard to pronounce friends call me srinivas or kvn.

I studied 11th, 12th at Sri Chaitanya Narayana IIT Academy (known as CHAINA)

I joined here at IIT Bombay in 2014 with no idea of what CSE is but gradually I became
very interested in the field. I(probably) want to pursue Masters in Theoretical CS.



I am highly interested in Maths and Theoretical CS.

Some CS courses I like are :

Logic for CS
Algorithms and Data Structures (couldn't do well academically though. One thing I feel sad )
Discrete Structures
Operating Systems

I am also interested in Classical Physics.


I am a cricket fanatic and a huge fan of M.S.Dhoni. #BLEEDBLUE !!!!

I like playing Cricket, Badminton, Basket Ball. I also like playing Mini-Militia along with my friends.

I like listening to songs, watching comedy scenes and shows on youtube.

Future Plans

Right now I have 3 semesters left to work hard and increase my CPI

After graduating, I am thinking of pursuing Masters in Theoretical CS

I am also looking to develop some good apps