Sridhar Iyer: Short Biography

Sridhar Iyer has been a faculty member at IIT Bombay since 1999. Currently he is a Professor in the Educational Technology Programme, while earlier he was with the Dept of Computer Science & Engg.

He is currently the Head of the Educational Technology Programme, also the Head of the Centre for Distance Engineering Education, and the Principal Investigator of NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning), at IIT Bombay.

His current research interests in Educational Technology includes: Technology enhanced learning of thinking skills, Teacher use of educational technologies, Computer science education research, and emerging technologies in education. Prior to Educational Technology, he has worked in wireless networking protocols and mobile applications.

Some development projects that that he has conceptualized and led are: Project OSCAR, a repository of ~450 Interactive Visualizations for topics at the school and higher education levels, and Computer Masti, a series of books for teaching-learning of Computers in schools. These products have seen more than 100K downloads from 120 countries. In 2016, Computer Masti was acquired by a company and the books are now being used in ~1000 schools in India.

Sridhar Iyer received the ACM India Outstanding Contrubution to Computing Education Award in 2020, the AECT International Contribution Award in 2019, and Excellence in Teaching Award at IIT Bombay in 2016 and 2013.

Sridhar Iyer received his BTech, MTech and PhD from the Dept of Computer Science & Engg at IIT Bombay. More information is available from his webpage:

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