Mahratta Education Fund's Silver Jubilee Souvenir, 1937

As part of its silver jubilee, the Mahratta Education Fundreleased a souvenir in 1937. We are pleased to release a scanned version of this souvenir. We are sure that you will find the contents very interesting -- it includes:
  1. background and achievements of the M.E.F. (at that time)
  2. biographies of eminent Maharashtrians from south India
  3. articles on economical, historical and cultural studies of Maharashtrians in south India.
There's a treasure trove of information about the background of south Indian Maharastrians here. The souvenir has been scanned in two parts. Click on the links below to read the souvenir, learn and enjoy!
  1. Part 1: History of MEF, Marathi speaking population of South India, and Economic Enquiry Part 1.
    (Same file, split into parts, in case of download problems: Part 1a, and Part 1b.)
  2. Part 2: Economic Enquiry Part 2, Eminent Maharashtrians, Military organization of Tanjore Marathas, Mahrattas in Mysore, Contributions to Literature, Arts, Poetry and Music.
    (Same file, split into parts, in case of download problems: Part 2a, Part 2b, and Part 2c.)
Extra: newspaper article on south Indian Maharashtrians The souvenir has been scanned in PDF format. You need the acroread program to view it. If you don't have acroread you can download it free from Adobe Inc (select Adobe Reader from the menu on the page).

Last updated: Feb 2010