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I am a senior undergraduate student at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay Computer Science and Engineering. I am advised by Prof. Supratik Chakraborty. I am working with Shubham Goel on developing state-of-the-art tools and algorithms for Boolean Functional Synthesis also known as Skolem Synthesis. Our tool, BFSS, is blazing fast.

I had two wonderful internships at amazing Programming Languages labs. I am currently working with Rohin Shah and Prof. Ras Bodik on scalable expression synthesis and automatic incrementalization using the same. This started off as my summer internship at the PLSE lab. I have previously worked with Ravi Madhavan and Prof. Viktor Kuncak on resource bounds verification for functional Scala programs that is now a part of the Leon verification and synthesis system. This was a part of my summer internship at the LARA lab. I also had the pleasure of undertaking a seminar on Space Leaks in Haskell with Rupanshu Ganvir and Suresh Sudhakaran under the guidance of Prof. Amitabha Sanyal.

I am a core-developer and maintainer of SymEngine and a contributor to SymPy for over 3 years now. I completed my Google Summer of Code under the mentorship of Dr. Ondřej Čertík. I have also volunteered as a mentor for GSoC in the future editions. I try to hang around the community and contribute as much but of late my research has kept me very busy.

I am interested in programming languages, synthesis and verification.



Scalable Synthesis with Symbolic Syntax Graphs
What's hard about Boolean Functional Synthesis? (+)
Contract-based Resource Verification for Higher-order Functions with Memoization
SymPy: Symbolic computing in Python

Tech Reports/Seminar

Pushing The Envelope for Boolean Function Synthesis (+)
Space Leaks Exploration in Haskell

(+) Names of authors sorted alphabetically by last name. Abridged version, full preprint available on request.


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