An Ode to ye olde thyroid.....

                                             Butterfly Shaped like a butterfly she sits within the neck
                                            Wanting only to share her beauty throughout the body and awakening all cells
                                            Yet faithful to her messenger she will evolve with the information sent
                                            She can race forth spinning your entire being into a frenzy
                                           Awakening you in the midst of the night saturated with sweat and palpitating heart
                                           Or she can lull you to sleep and make you feel so melancholy or down right
                                           Depressed and angry for no particular reason
                                           Whatever the effects her presence will be felt by every part  of  your being
                                           When feeling fine and neither up nor down do not think that she has forgotten you
                                            For at this time she simply sits on her throne, her wings spread wide, as she escorts
                                           You through your journey
                                           There have been cells that have turned against her, most of them without the strength
                                           To fully conquer her fortress
                                            Other have penetrated her and have caused her great harm
                                            But she continues to evolve with the force of such intrusions while desperately
                                           Attempting to maintain her exalted position
                                           She will fight to save her fortress and keep her chamber safe, but eventually she
                                          Will give in to the information she receives and must subjugate her will to the will
                                          Of the informer
                                          Although her wings may be clipped, she is still a beautiful butterfly, she remains
                                          Exalted, meaning only well for the body she inhabits and loyal to her messenger

                                                                                              - - - Anonymous - - -


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