Does Fluoride have anything to do with it ?

Various health problems appear to be "in fashion" , so to speak, during various times. It seems like a couple of generations ago, very few people got ,or at least were diagnosed with thyroid related problems.

This period probably coincided with a time when traditional methods were in vogue for household functions, such as storage of water, methods of cooking, methods of storage of food, and preaparation of stuff.

 What a contrast there must have been between our parents childhood and ours !

Take something like brushing your teeth. In India, the traditional method of cleaning your teeth was by using the twigs of a specific tree, like neem or guava, ( "datoon"). You still get to see this in rural areas in India. Sometimes a home made tooth powder was used to not only clean the teeth but also to massage the gums. Chewing of the "datoon" released some bitterish fluid, which was good for your system. This whole process ws conducted in a reasonably relaxed manner.

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Then in our childhoods, multinationals appeared on the horizon. Tooth brushes replaced fingers and herbal ,natural brushing systems. There was a hue and cry about fluoride being absolutely required for your gums. Municipalities fell over each other fluoridating their water supply. Fluoridated toothpastes upped their advertising budgets, and an entire set of children lost the art of brushing teeth with their fingers and massaging their gums. Even today, the advertisers make a huge deal out of showing what wonderful contours and shapes the bristles can take, and sell tons of tooth brushes, all ready to slather on your teeth, the latest fluoridated tooth paste.

There seems to be a history of fluoride vs Thyroid. These thyroid problems we see around us, have something to do with the advent of fluoride in our lives.

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