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They say, the way to a man's heart is thru his stomach.

Well, time has come to change a few of these concepts. Actually, how wonderful your stomach is, depends entirely, on the heart providing it with useful oxygenated blood.

As man evolved, the heart developed first and the stomach etc came up in a later round. The path from the heart to the stomach led thru what is known as the main body artery or the aorta.

Right from that moment in creation when the foetus started developing, the aorta was the main highway along which the various organs sprouted up. And right from birth, active childhoods, wild adolescence, motherfood/fatherhood, middle age trauma, menopause, andropause, way up to peaceful old age, blood has flown thru the aorta, And never mind the onslaught of germs, bacteria, accidents, harmful, safe, toxic/nontoxic medications, all of which were succesfully managed by the aorta and its asociated arteries. And then there is also the quality of blood. Fat laden, clean and light, slurped in glucose , or whatever.

 All of which makes one wonder, what the aorta is made of. And then one stops wondering. Somewhere , after a lifetime of dedicated service, the walls of the aorta show some slack. Pouches appear. How these affect your health, depend on how you have lived; clean, disciplined, physically active years, or years dedicated to indulgent binging assisted by those who continue to think that the way to the heart is thru the stomach.

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