Steps to start a Video Conference (using IP) in
Kanwal Rekhi Building Room # SIC106

  1. Power ON the Samsung LCD TV.
  2. Switch on the Polycom Video Conferencing Device by pressing "Power" button from Polycom remote.
  3. Place microphone on the table.
  4. After complete boot-up of the polycom device, 3 options can be seen.
    • Place a Call
    • Directory
    • Recent Calls
  5. Use 'up' or 'down' arrow keys to navigate. To call, select Place a call
  6. Using number keys enter IP address or telephone number to connect the call
  7. Press 'Dial' button (green color) to start the call.
  8. Camera Movement
    • Use 4 arrow keys to rotate the camera (up, down, left, right).
    • Use Zoom Button to zoom in or out.
  9. After finishing the call
    • Press 'call disconnect' button (red button on the Polycom remote).
    • To power off the Polycom device, press "Power" button on the remote.
    • Power off the Samsung LCD TV.
  • Other info
    • Public IP (for conferencing outside campus):
    • Internal IP (for conferencing within campus):
    • ISDN Telephone Number: +91-022-25720185
  •       Download these instructions
In case of any technical problem, contact
Tushar (Office: 4988, Mobile: 9867618818)
KR Building Office.