CS715 :  Design and Implementation of the Gnu Compiler Generation Framework  (2009-2010)

Welcome to the course homepage. Your instructor is Uday Khedker and TA is Sagar Kamble. Apart from him, the RAs associated with GCC Resource Center will also help us in this course. The course is held in room SIC 305 in slot 9 (Mon and Thu 3:30 to 4:55).


The assessment will involve looking at dumps for a set of test cases and then looking at the code of your pass.

Please submit a .tgz of a directory containing your patch file and a README file that describes your strategy of introducing interprocedural edges. In case you are explicitly changing the data structures, please mention the data structures in this file. If you are simulating traversal over these edges, please list the APIs (with parameters and return values).

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