Umesh Bellur
Professor, Department of Computer Science
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

email:  umesh[DT]bellur[AT]iitb[DT]ac[DT]in     Office Phone: +91 22 25767865          
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 Professional Activites


After graduation, I went to work in the industry where I helped establish distributed object standards such as CORBA with  OMG  and J2EE with  JCP .  I  worked for over 10 years at Oracle Corporation, Teknekron Communication Systems and Covad communications after which I helped found a startup in Silicon Valley called  Collation Inc.  in 2001. IBM subsequently acquired Collation in 2005.  I helped Collation secure their first round of $6M in April of 2002 and release their Discover product in Jan 2003 after which I returned to India to join IIT Bombay as an Associate Professor in the School of Information Technology. SIT subsequently merged with CSE  - yes mergers and acquisitions happen in academia as well:-))

For more details, please see my  (now somewhat outdated) Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests

My current research interests revolve around virtualization and cloud computing where I am looking at problems revolving around VM provisioning, placement and migration.  A related topic that I am also working on is power aware scheduling in data centers. On a different note, problems of distributed routing procols in event broker overlay networks are also of interest. These research areas translate to projects in middleware design for different kinds of distributed systems including wireless sensor networks as well as QoS models for such environment. Specific projects  underway in my group are:
  1. Cost models of VM migration and using those to accomplish efficient consolidation or hot spot removal in virtualized data centers.
  2. Power models of commonly employed servers and using these models for energy efficient VM placement.
  3. QoS based routing  and distributed Complex event detection in large scale Event Broker Networks: While the notion of differentiated quality of services is not new, there does not exist a comprehensive QoS model for event broker networks today. We are putting together one such model and implementing a runtime to enforce the same in arbitrary topologies.
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  1. MW4SOC 2010, Most Promising Research Paper Award
  2. SAP Research and Innovation Award for work in QoS based routing in Overlays 2008
  3. IBM Faculty Award for work in Autonomic Computing 2006


Books & Journals

  1. QoS Elements of Web Services: Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Classi cations: Manish Godse, Umesh Bellur, Rajendra Sonar, IJCNDS, Volume 6, Issue 2, 2011, DOI: 10.1504/IJCNDS.2011.038521
  2. Safe Online Update of Concurrent Object Oriented Programs, Umesh Bellur and Yogesh Muraka, Communicated to IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering.
  3.  Semantic Matchmaking Algorithms forWeb Services Matching, Umesh Bellur and Harin Vadodaria, Book Chapter in Advances in Greedy Algorithms, ISBN 978-953-7619-27-5, IN-TECH Publications.
  4. Incorporating Underlay Awareness into Highly Available P2P Networks, Umesh Bellur and Madhu Kumar, International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems, Vol 4, No. 2, pp 133-160, InderScience Publishers.
  5. Practice-Relevant Pedagogy for Mining Software Engineering Curricula Assets, Rajiv Ramnath, Jay Ramanathan & Umesh Bellur. Technical Report, OSU, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering, OSU-CISRC-5/07-TR36. Also submitted to IEEE Journal of Engineering Education.
  6. A taxonomy and classification of Adaptive event dissemination middleware with support for service guarantees. Shruti Mahambre, Madhu Kumar and Umesh Bellur, IEEE Internet Computing, Special Issue on Data Dissemination, Vol. 11, No. 4, PP 35-44, July 2007
  7.  Java & CORBA, Umesh Bellur, Book Chapter in Java Network Programming: Manning Publications, ISBN Number 1-884777-49-X
  8. A Strategic Weapon for Data CLECs in Challenging Conditions. Umesh Bellur and Nagaraju Bandaru, Book chapter in Operations Support Systems 2002: Enabling the Next-Generation Network. ISBN: 1-931695-05-9, IEC Press

Peer Reviewed International Conferences

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    44. Coauthored the CORBA Component model at OMG as well as the Enterprise Java 1.0 specification.
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Research Grants

  1. Informatica grant for research into Distributed Complex Event Processing, $10000, June 2012
  2. IBM  CAS grant for research into server consolidation in infrastructure clouds via interference aware VM placement, $20,000 with Profs. Puru Kulkarni and Varsha Apte, Feb 2010
  3. Yahoo research labs grant for research into characterizing interference amongst VMs running different types of workloads in clouds. Rs 5 lakh with Prof. Puru Kulkarni, Dec 2009
  4. Department of Science and Technology grant for setting up a lab in the area of Geo spatial Information Science and engineering, Co PI with Prof. N.L. Sarada, Rs 12 Cr, Sept 2009
  5. Motorola Research grant for research into seamless mobility in service oriented environments., $14000 for 2006-2007, Sept 2006.
  6. Intel IT Research Council, Grant for research into Self healing and Performance Modeling of Enterprise Applications,  $24000 along with Prof. Varsha Apte of CSE, IITB, January 2006
  7. Intel Corp, Linux Based Video Learning Solution for Distance Education, US $60,000 along with Prof. Deepak Phatak, January 2005
  8. Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India - Service Oriented Architectures for NRDMS Applications, Rs 15 Lakh, April 2005
  9. Intel IT Research Council, Follow up grant for research into Autonomic Computing issues,  $24000 along with Prof. Varsha Apte of CSE, IITB, March 2005
  10. L&T Infotech - Enterprise Integration Architectures with Service Orientation, Rs 12 Lakh, June 2004
  11. Intel IT Research Council, Dynamic Determination of Topology for Distributed enterprise applications,  $12000 along with Prof. Varsha Apte of CSE, IITB, July 2004
  12.  IRCC at IIT Bombay - Autonomic Computing Infrastructure, Rs 2 Lakh, Seed Grant, July 2003

Courses Taught

  1. Spring 2009 - Distributed systems (Undergraduate).
  2. Autumn 2008 - Special topics in Service Oriented Computing (Graduate).
  3. Autumn 2007 - Database Information Systems  -(undergraduate) theory and accompanying lab.
  4. Autumn 2006,  Advanced Software Engineering (Graduate) jointly with Prof. Kavi Arya.
  5. Spring 2007, Spring 2006, Spring 2005, Spring 2004 -Distributed Algorithms (Graduate)
  6. Autum 2003, Autumn 2004, Autumn 2005 - OO Techniques (Graduate)
  7. Spring 2003 -  Seminar Series on Electronic commerce and eBusiness (IT 616)

Professional Activities

Program Committees (PC Member unless indicated otherwise)

Standards Bodies

Invited Talks

  1. Keynote speaker at the Redhat Service Oriented Architectures summit, Mumbai, India, Dec 2008.
  2. Keynote Speaker at Economic Times Intelligence Group  Knowledge Forum  - Business Process Management event at Chennai and Mumbai,  India, July 2007
  3. Keynote speaker at the CIO Club, Computer Society of India, Mumbai, India June 2007
  4. Department Colloquim talk at Department of Computer Science, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, USA,  May 28th 2007
  5. Keynote Speaker at  IDC Two City Knowledge Conference on Service Oriented Architectures, New Delhi and Mumbai, India, February 2007
  6. Invited Speaker at SAIG conference of Siemens Research,  Mumbai, India, Jan 2007
  7. Keynote Speaker at ADCOM 2006, Suratkal, India, Dec 2006
  8. Department Colloquim talk at Marquette University, Dept of MSCS,  Milwaukee, WI, USA, Sept 2006
  9.  L&T Infotech Presentation on JavaSpaces, Mumbai, India,  June 2005
  10. Stochastic Methods in Autonomic Computing, Talk at IBM IRL, New Delhi  May 2005
  11. SAP Innovation Congress,   Autonomic Computing - problems and approach. Florida, USA,  March 2004,
  12. Seminar on Oss  for Broadband Networks and Services.  WIPRO, Bangalore, India  Oct 2003.
  13. Hewlett Packard Labs, , Lights out Management of Distributed Applications, Palo Alto, CA, USA, June 2003
  14. Fourth IITB-Persistent Workshop on Data Management,  Security Technologies underlying Databases, 2003, IITB, India - Seminar on Security in eBusiness Environments
  15. Marcus Evans Telecom CIO Summit, Lake Geneva, May 2001.
  16. Panel chair for OSS at new generation networks at OSS Summit,  Miami, Feb 2001.
  17. Enterprise Application Integration at Next Generation OSS, Denver, Sept 2000
  18. Workshop on Compositional Software Architectures, 1998, Monterey, CA - The Role of Components & Standards in Software Reuse.

Patents Granted

1 7,337,184 Full-Text Topology mapping of a multitier compute infrastructure
2 7,281,046 Full-Text Application program interface for automating high speed network access ordering and provisioning processes
3 7,243,306 Full-Text Service descriptor for a multitier compute infrastructure
4 7,210,143 Full-Text Deployment of applications in a multitier compute infrastructure
5 6,463,079 Full-Text Processing orders for high bandwidth connections