M. Tech

Full Time Master of Technology Student in CSE Department of Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

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B. Tech

Graduate in Bachelor of Engineering from Electronics Department of MBM Engineering College, Jodhpur

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Schooling from Vidya Niketan Senior Secondary School, Bhilwara

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M. Tech Thesis

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More about Spark..
Cost Based Query Optimization for Apache Spark : Currently, Spark uses rule based optimizer to optimize the queries. Goal is to integrate a Cost Based Optimizer in the existing Spark development for efficient optimization of queries.
PyroJ : Earlier work at IIT Bombay integrated the PyroJ cost-based query optimizer with Spark. The top goal of the project is to generate statistics for good selectivity estimations (using histograms) and evaluate the performance of the optimizer in comparison with the standard benchmarks after fixing bugs in the existing code base
Integrating the Response time cost model and studying its effectiveness in the context of Spark.


Here are some of the Major Projects I have done

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Human Activity Recognition
Machine Learning

HAR Problem to recognize six activities like walking, walking upstairs, walking downstairs,sitting, standing and laying.

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Temporal support in PostgreSQL

Adding support for Temporal Relations and modifying the parser. Support to implement the functionalities of insert, delete and update using triggers

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Online Quiz & Student Assessment Portal

Online Interface for a student to give online Quiz. Interface for Instructor to add Quiz, automatically grade them and see Results of students


Some of my Best Clicks or which I love the most


A little Section about Culturals I have participated in


Awarded 3rd prize in On-Spot Photography in PG Cult 2016


Hosted the Pg Night in PG Cult 2016


Played in Team Invictus Squadra, Runner Up in Kresit Premier Cricket League 2017

Mumbai Office

Kresit Building, CSE Department, IIT Bombay, Powai

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  • upenj@cse.iitb.ac.in

Mumbai Current Residence

Hostel 14,IIT Bombay, Powai (Maharasthra)

  • +919929485153
  • upenjeliya@iitb.ac.in

Bhilwara Permanent Residence

Krishi Upaj Mandi, Bhilwara (Rajasthan)

  • +919929485153
  • upenjiitb@gmail.com