Urmi Saha

Computer Science & Engineering (3yrs)
IIT Bombay
RA for NVLI Project (2017-2020)

About me

I am a first year student of IIT Bombay. I have completed by graduation in Computer Science & Engineering from Institute of Engineering & Management, Kolkata in 2016.
Since June 2016, I had been working in Abzooba as Software Engineer. After completing my one year tenure in Abzooba, I returned to academics by getting my admission in Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay for pursuing my Masters in the same field.
I aim to gain knowledge in the domain of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing for which no institute other than IIT Bombay could have been a better choice. I hope to work in these domains and make significant contribution in the world of Data Science being a part of this prestigious institute under the best guidance of the country.


Hostel 11

Email: urmisaha@cse.iitb.ac.in