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Hi, my name is Utkarsh Gupta(a sophomore at CSE IIT Bombay ) and I am a mathematics enthusiast.I am also particularly interested in coding and reading algorithms and aspire to become an excellent coder.


The thing that i like the most is reading books and i also like following

Time table

Time Slot Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
8:30-9:25 ----- EE101 CS251 -----
9:30-10:25 CS207 CS251 ----- -----
10:35-11:30 ----- ----- CS213 CS215
11:35-12:30 EE101 ----- CS207 -----
2:00-3:25 CS293 CS215 CS251 CS215
3:30-4:55 CS293 CS213 CS251 CS213

Future Plans

As of now I'm not sure about anything there are so many fields that interest me.. I'm still developing my taste and feel of so many branches CS has to offer but i would likely pursue research in algorithms or an area which is in the intersection region of Computer Science and Maths.I'm also enthusuastic about pusrsuing research in

  1. Organic Chemistry
  2. Artificial intelligence
  3. Cryptography

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