That's me!

My candle burns at both ends,
It will not last the night,
But ah my friends and oh my foes,
It gives a lovely light.

-Roald Dahl


Mihir Jayesh Vahanwala.

Hey there!
I am a CSE undergrad at IIT-Bombay, so that kind of implies that I'm studious, diligent, "nerdy" and aroused by anything STEM... you know the deal. Contrary to the popular belief, I do happen to have a life. I think I'm funny, so I perform stand-up comedy as a hobby.
The half dozen people who attend my gigs seem to agree.
Thanks for visiting!


I joined the Department of CSE as a "branch-change student"- a CPI based privilege available at the end of the First Year at IITB. It was a crucial decision of my life, and given the fact that I now find most of the courses intriguing, I don't regret it one bit!

At this point in time, I want to devote myself to research, rather than a corporate internship/job.

I am currently associated with the SUMO Team of INRIA Rennes, France. Together with Prof. S Akshay, Prof. Blaise Genest and Dr. Hugo Bazille, I am investigating the Skolem problem for Linear Recurrence Sequences. I have written about my experience of working with them in Summer 2020 here, on the Insight IIT-B Summer Internship Blog.

Technical Skills

I'm fairly comfortable programming in C/C++, Python and MATLAB. I also have a bit of experience designing hardware with VHDL and dabbled a little in Assembly. As you can surmise, \(\LaTeX\) is my favourite office tool. Having taken an introductory course in Engineering Drawing, I can find my way around with software like AutoCAD and SolidWorks. I've learnt enough HTML/CSS to get this website running! Through a few assignments and mini-projects, I have acquainted myself a little with Java, SQLite, Django framework and Javascript. Speaking of projects, I have collaborated on git and svn. Last but not the least, BASH scripting is a skill that proves itself handy, time and again!
I hope I keep adding to this list throughout my life. :)

Contact Me

Here are my contact details, sorted in decreasing order of preference

  1. email: vahanwala(at)cse(dot)iitb(dot)ac(dot)in
  2. email: 180070035(at)iitb(dot)ac(dot)in
  3. email: mjv1528(at)gmail(dot)com
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