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Did you know that in the ancient days of India, probably before the British's colonialisation of the country, introducing oneself used to start with a rendition of all your fore-fathers to at least three generations with bowed-down head and folded hands.
A lot has changed since then, not many have the patience to listen let alone say such an elaborate introduction.

Picture Since I was a few months old, my parents have decided to call me Vihari, and that has been my name ever since. Vihari loosely translates to "The Roamer" (how cool!), I constantly thrive to keep up to that name, and Piratla is my family's name. I look more or less like the guy you see in the picture to the left.


Email: [first name][last name], [first name]
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If you are at IITB and would like to have a chat over coffee, feel free to ping me :)
Room 710 @ Hostel 14A
Last modified: Wed Jul 29 2019