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What about me?

Did you know that in the ancient days of India, probably before the British's colonialisation of the country, introducing oneself used to start with a rendition of all your fore-fathers to at least three generations with bowed-down head and folded hands.

A lot has changed since then, not many have the patience to listen let alone say such an elaborate introduction.

Picture Since I was a few months old, my parents have decided to call me Vihari, and that has been my name ever since. Vihari loosely translates to "The Roamer" (how cool!), I constantly thrive to keep up to that name, and Piratla is my family's name. I look more or less like the guy you see in the picture to the left.

Academic Background

I graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Mandi with a major in Computer Science in 2014. (Yes there is one IIT in Mandi and I am one of the second batch, it's a beautiful place, check the place out if you happen to make a trip to Mandi)

I worked for three years on mostly problems with research bent. I joined IITB in 2016 as a Project staff and transitioned into a full-time Masters student in July of 2017. The table below is the list of course I will bedoing while I am here.

S.No Course Name
1Learning Agents
2Web Mining
3Fundamentals of Machine Learning
4Learning Agents

Where all can you find me!

Having born and brought up in the digital age, there is hardly any popular website that I have not tried my hand at.

You can drop me a mail on GMail or to my IITB mail drop me a mail on GMail, one can also find me on StackOverflow, Github …

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If you want to grab a coffee with me then let me know when you are in the IITB campus.


I have started reading this book on
Room 615 @ Hostel 15B
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