A guide to applying the patch, building, and testing L-FCPA1

The current L-FCPA patch is released for gcc-4.6.0. The list of pre-requisites for gcc-4.6.0 can be found here. A detailed compilation of the steps to install the prerequisites can be found here. A simpler installation guide after installing the prerequisites is given below.

If you wish to use the full pointer analysis (FCPA)2, replace lipta by ipta in each step

Step I : Downloading the gcc source code tarball and patch files

  • Make a new folder 'lipta', and cd to it
         ~/$. mkdir lipta
         ~/$. cd lipta
  • Download gcc-4.6.0 tarball in this folder.
  • Download the required version of patch file in this folder.
  • Untar the gcc-4.6.0 tarball
         ~/lipta$. tar -xvf gcc-4.6.0-tar.gz
    After untarring, you will see a folder 'gcc-4.6.0'
  • Make the 'build' and 'install' directories.
         ~/lipta$. mkdir build
         ~/lipta$. mkdir install

Step II : Applying the patch

  • Apply the appropriate version of patch. For example, if you wish to apply the version 1.0 patch, and you have downloaded the same in step I, issue the following command on the terminal:
         ~/lipta$. patch -p0 < lipta-v1.0-gcc-4.6.0.patch

Step III : Building GCC 4.6.0

  • Let us assume that $INSTALL is the absolute path of install directory, and $SRC is the absolute path of gcc-4.6.0 directory.
  • cd to the build directory.
         ~/lipta$. cd build
  • Configure gcc-4.6.0. For example, if we wish to build a C compiler, type the following to configure gcc.
         ~/lipta/build$. $SRC/configure --enable-languages=c --prefix=$INSTALL
    If you are on a 64 bit system, disable multilib during configure by the option --disable-multilib
  • After configuring successfully, build gcc-4.6.0.
         ~/lipta/build$. make
  • If a successful make, install the gcc binaries in the install directory.
         ~/lipta/build$. make install

Step IV : Testing L-FCPA

  • Create any sample program, say 'test.c'.
  • Perform L-FCPA analysis using the recently built gcc-4.6.0.
         ~/$. $INSTALL/bin/gcc -fdump-ipa-lipta -flipta -O2 test.c
  • Inspect the generated dumps to analyze the information gathered by L-FCPA pass.
  • If you wish to use Link Time Optimization (LTO) to process multiple input files together, use additional command line switches -flto -flto-partition=none
  • If you wish to get only the time taken for the L-FCPA pass, use additional flag -ftime-lipta with the command in step IV

1. Also referred to as lipta in the previous version of paper
2. Also referred to as ipta in the previous version of paper

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