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 ====== Ongoing Research (Not Frequently Updated!) ====== ====== Ongoing Research (Not Frequently Updated!) ======
-===== Statistical Shape Analysis in Medical Image Computing ===== 
-**([[http://​www.cse.iitb.ac.in/​~saurabh.shigwan/​|Saurabh J. Shigwan]])**:​\\ 
-**Shape analyses** are important in a range of applications in medicine, biology, and computer vision. 
-Shape analysis entails learning statistical models of shapes of anatomical structures from population data and subsequent statistical analyses, e.g., hypothesis testing or classification. They provide information on the mean shape underlying a population group, the principles modes of variation of shape within the group, and the differences between the mean shapes and variabilities between groups. Examples of anatomical structures whose shape analysis holds important clues about the brain function include the subcortical structures.