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3. CSxxx Management Information Systems

(proposed course for UG 3rd/4th year students)
Six Credit hours, one semester, 3 hours/week
Pre-requisite: familiarity with basic concepts of data processing
Offering: Jul-Nov each year
Instructor: Dr.S.A.Kelkar

Information Basics: Impact of IT; Basics of data processing; Basics of business and Information Systems; Classification of IS; Transaction Processing; Management Information Systems; Decision Support Systems; IS for Knowledge Work; Managing in 21st Century Managing with Information: Competing with IT; Strategic Planning and IS; Information Needs for Strategic Planning; IS for Decision Support; Expert Systems; Information systems in business and industry; information systems in governance; information systems in training and education; eBusiness and eCommerce; Quality and Privacy; Managing Information Resources: Information Resource Management; Justification for IS; Developing information systems; implementing information systems; IT/IS Facilities and Operations; Strategic Planning for IS Function; Audit, Security and Control; Ethical challenges in Information Systems

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