Current announcements

Week 10: 09.03.2020 - 15.03.2020

  • No labs in this week. Please check the updated lab schedule.
  • There will be Midsem crib session on Thursday (12.03.2020) at respective lab.
    • Batch L1: 8pm to 8:45pm.
    • Batch L2: 9pm to 9:45pm.
    • Batch L3: 10 pm to 10:45pm.
  • Please adhere to the above schedule strictly for the crib session. Due to space constrain it'll not be possible to accomodate students from other batch during any time slot. Please help the TAs to finish the crib session in time.
  • For any cribs please write it on top of the answer script and submit it to your JTA.
  • Please find the midesm solutions here. Please look into the solutions before attaining the crib session.

Course overview

This course provides students with an entry-level foundation in computer programming. The goals of the course are to develop the programming ability in students, and to improve their proficiency in applying the computing fundamentals to their field of study. Topics include overview of high-level languages, introduction to C/C++ Library, basic data types, function definitions and declarations, conditional and iteration statement, array and string manipulation, recursive programming, introduction to searching and sorting and introduction to structures and pointers. In summary, the basic aim is to teach the student to program in C/C++ at a level where they are able to eventually write programs to help solve their everyday engineering, science and technology related problems.

Textbooks and Resources

  • An Introduction to Programming through C++, McGraw Hill Education, 2014, by Abhiram Ranade
  • Simplecpp package location link.