CS 215: Data Analysis and Interpretation

Instructor: Ganesh Ramakrishnan

TAs: Aman Madaan, Pankaj Singh, Aman Gour, Bijoy Singh Kochar, Samkit Shah Arpan Kumar Chinmay Mhatre

Online Notes

Code and Datasets

Class Timings, Venue and Grading

Time: Monday (9:30-10:30), Tuesday (10:30-11:30), Thursday (11:30-12:30)
Venue: LCC301
Office hours (for doubt clarifications): Thursday, 2:00-4:00 PM
Credit Requirements Approximate credit structure
  • 20% Mid-semester exam
  • 40% End-semester exam
  • 15% Programming assignments/project (team based)
  • 15% Three quizzes (best two of three quizzes used for grading.)
  • 10% Team-based assignments (on piazza)

  • Primary books

    [ Ross]
    Introduction to Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists by Sheldon M. Ross, Elsevier, New Delhi, 3rd edition (Indian).

    Supplementary books

    [ PRS ]
  • Probability, Random Variables and Stochastic processes by Papoulis and Pillai, 4th Edition, Tata McGraw Hill Edition.
  • [ FEL ]
  • An Introduction to Probability Theory and Its Applications, Vol. 1, William Feller, 3rd edition, Wiley International
  • [ HPS ]
  • Introduction to Probability Theory, Paul. G. Hoel, Sidney Port, Charles Stone