N-Logue was launched to fulfil the need for Internet and voice services in every underserved small town and village in India. With headquarters in Chennai, it has already successfully enabled internet access in a number of rural areas.


CorDECT, an advanced Wireless Access system, is the heart of N-logue's connectivity. Here are the main features of CorDECT.


corVIEW OMC Console is the support system for maintenance. Here are the main features

Other Services (benefits)


Rs 53,500 (USD $1200), + 5000 Rs for telephony equipment [ELABORATE]


Local entrepreneurs with minimum 12th standard education.


Financial support is provided by SBI (State bank of India). nLogue and the Local Service Providers are responsible for Technical support.

Areas Covered

Maharashtra, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. Its also implemented in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.