I am Pararth Shah. I completed my final year of undergraduate study in the Computer Science & Engineering department at IIT-Bombay. I will be moving to Stanford in Fall '13 for a Masters in CS.

I made this home page to record events and projects done during my undergrad. So there is a high probability that I will not be updating this site any more.

You can see my resume here (updated on Dec '12).

Click here for some information on the projects that I have done.

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Cogito, Ergo Blogito

(with apologies to Descartes)

I maintain a blog here: "Prior Wisdom", where I blog (quite) infrequently. Also, I have attempted to explain the name of the blog which is a reference to Bayesian inference.



10-Aug-13: Convocated! Graduated from IIT-Bombay

Awarded the Miss Jayati Deshmukh Memorial Gold Medal for "being the most outstanding of all the students who completed the requirements for the degree of Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering".

The medal was awarded at the 51st Convocation at IIT-Bombay.

25-May-13: Accepted for GSoC 2013

I will work with Funf on developing an Android library app that can collect audio/video/sensor data from the phone, or any peripheral devices connected via Bluetooth, and upload it to a remote server.

You can view my code updates on my branch of the Funf repository.

26-Mar-13: Admitted to Stanford Masters in CS

With full-funding via assistantships! To California :-)

1-Jan-13: TA for CS 377: Operating Systems Lab

Prof. Dhamdhere asked me to TA for the OS lab this semester (Spring '13), and I happily agreed. CS juniors, beware! :)

17-Dec-12: COMAD 2012

I attended the 18th International Conference on Management of Data, held at Pune, India.

1-Nov-12: Kaggle competition ends

Finally, the data mining competition that I hosted on Kaggle, as a TA for the CS:725 Foundations of Machine Learning course at IITB, has ended. Here are the competition archives and the final leaderboard. I intend to write a blog post about my experiences in formulating and conducting this contest (soon!).

29-Aug-12: Full-time offer, Google Mountain View!

Enough said!

22-July-12: TA for CS 725: Foundations of Machine Learning

Prof. Sunita Sarawagi has agreed to take me as a TA for this semester's offering of the introductory ML course. It will be a voluntary (unpaid) position, but I am very excited about helping students out with their doubts (especially since most of my batchmates are going to take this course this semester!).

7-May-12: A "Perfect 10" semester! (academically speaking)

All the course grades for the Spring '12 are finally out, and it seems I have scored a perfect 10, securing the highest grade (AA) in all core CS courses (including AP - exceptional performance - in Compilers Lab). The only other time I had a perfect 10 was in my first semester at IIT-Bombay.

10-Aug-11: GSOC 2011

I successfully completed my project with Point Clouds Library, as a part of Google Summer of Code 2011. Click here to read about my experiences on the PCL blog.