Pratik Kalshetti
Pratik Kalshetti

I am a graduate student at the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay where I am working on Hand Tracking for Virtual Reality using Machine Learning.

I have completed my undergraduate from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur.


Hand Tracking for Virtual Reality

Graduate research project on personalized hand shape and pose tracking for virtual reality.

Medical Image Segmentation Tool

B.Tech. project in collaboration with AIIMS Jodhpur, published in the international journal of Computers in Biology and Medicine.

Deep Learning for Pose Estimation

A Convolutional Neural Network with kinematic constraint layers for valid pose estimates in an end-to-end architecture.

Object Detection

Single Shot MultiBox architecture was used to solve this classification + regression problem and the variable dimensional output was handled using anchor boxes, resulting in real-time accurate detection.

E-Library for IIT Bombay

A online library of ebooks (pdf, doc, txt) using Model-View-Controller design for peer sharing with Natural Language Processing on keyword search and no book-size limits.

Rigid Body Motion from Videos

Given a real video of rigid body motion, the system can generate a simulation using Physics-based Computer Graphics.

Tracking with Leap Motion

A skeletal tracking system captured via leap motion sensor for simulating a virtual hand model using forward kinematics.