Purushottam (Puru) Kulkarni
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
SIA 404, Kanwal Rekhi Building
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
extn: x7910

My calendar is here.

Spring 2022-23: CS695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing
                        (pre-reqs: CS333, CS347, CS224, CS252)

Autumn 2022: CS347/CS333 Operating Systems   (co-taught with Prof. Umesh Bellur)
Spring 2020-21: CS347m Operating Systems
Autumn 2019: CS101 Computer Programming and Utilization
Spring 2019-20: CS695 Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing
Autumn 2018: CS347/CS333 Operating Systems

Past courses: Topics in Virtualization and Cloud Computing (CS 695), Linux kernel programming (CS 401), Data Structures Lab (CS 293), Computer Networks (CS 224), Water management (TD 603), Technology and Development Supervised Learning (TD 390/490/491)

operating systems, virtualization, software-defined networking, cloud computing
development engineering

publications: google scholar dblp

positions: if you are a PhD, Masters or Bachelors student at IIT Bombay and interested in Systems work (intersecting with my interests) please write to me and/or stop by my office.

I am currently looking to hire an intern/student with a strong background and work experience with Linux internals and operating systems.

This is part of an effort to prepare a Linux kernel programming handbook.
Please fill this form if you are interested.

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