Research Scholar

ViGIL -- Vision, Imaging and Graphics Laboratory
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Phone : +91-2576-4709 (CSE Dept, ViGIL)
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  • Department Representative for Research Scholars (DPGC rep) -- [July, 2007 -- Present]

  • Teaching Assistant -- [July, 2004 -- Present]

    Primary Responsibility: Assist the Professor for conducting quizzes and exams; Grading the assignments, quizzes and exams; Maintaining the course web-page; Conducting Labs; Taking lectures; Helping the students in case of any difficulty. I am an assistant to Prof. Sharat Chandran

  • Software Engineer, Tata Consultancy Services, Mumbai -- [July, 2003 -- June, 2004]

    • Project: A research project titled "Automatic Log-Report generation and UNIX-Server script enhancement" using Visual Basic and UNIX scripts under Mr. Mayuresh Jukr, at the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) and Ms.Neeta Nadkarni (HOD of Computers Branch, Vasantdada Patil College Of Engg.)

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