TD 604 Research Methods

  • Contents of the course txt


  • pdf


  • The Hungama Survey report 2011 pdf
  • Cookstove paper by Vijay Honkalaskar et al pdf


  • File to load all census part I attributes file
  • Program to differentiate a vector file


  • All districts 2001 census Part I data zip
  • Thane Murbad Part I data xls
  • Scilab readable files, Murbad and Vasai file file

    Sundry files

  • link
  • A useful function "mysort.sci" in sundry and a diary on how to use it "diarymysort". mysort sorts rows of the input matrix.
  • gini.sci, a function to compute the gini of sorted data.

    Shahpur drinking water coverage files

  • link
  • popn, covered, notcovered are scilab readable files. diaryshahpur is a diary.