I3: Intelligent, Interactive Inspection of Cubes.




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The goal of the  project i(eye-cube) is to extend multidimensional OLAP data cubes with ad hoc interactive mining primitives.

Multidimensional OLAP products provide an excellent opportunity for integrating mining functionality because of their widespread acceptance as a decision support tool and their existing heavy reliance on manual, user-driven analysis. Most OLAP products are rather simplistic and rely heavily on the user's intuition to manually drive the discovery process. Mining technology can play a fitting role in improving the state of these products.  We propose a suite of extensions in the form of a toolkit attached with a OLAP product that will enable richer, faster answering of queries that are currently handled through manual exploration. 

The following is a list of available operators in the iCube project.

iDiff: Compact summary of reasons for differences in top-level aggregates
iExplore: Watch user browse the data and use that to define information content of unseen cells.
iRelax: Generalize from specific cases to general cases.

ICube Publications

Intelligent Rollups in multidimensional OLAP dataG. Sathe and S. Sarawagi Proc. of the 27th Int'l Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), 2001.
User adaptive exploration of OLAP data cubes S. Sarawagi Proc. of the 26th Int'l Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), 2000.
I3 Intelligent, Interactive, Investigation of OLAP data cubes, S. Sarawagi and G. Sathe  SIGMOD, 2000 (Demo paper).
idiff: Informative summarization of differences in multidimensional aggregates., S. Sarawagi. Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal, 4(5):255-276, 2001.
Explaining differences in multidimensional aggregates S. Sarawagi Proc. of the 25th Int'l Conference on Very Large Databases (VLDB), 1999. Abstract.
"Discovery-driven exploration of OLAP data cubes", S. Sarawagi, R. Agrawal, N. Megiddo. Proc. of the Sixth Int'l Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), Valencia, Spain, March 1998. PDF format. Abstract. Expanded version available as IBM Research Report RJ 10102 (91918) , January, 1998. PDF format.

Group members

Sarawagi, Sunita
Sathe, Gayatri
Singh, Aameek


A java version of the source code has been packaged for distribution under the terms of the GNU public license. Download source code.
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