Uday Khedker

Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engg., IIT Bombay

Other Activities

Apart from many hobbies, special interests include reading and writing (both prose as well as verse). One of my articles (titled Measuring Excellence : Not by Numbers Alone) was published as the central article on editorial page of the leading newspaper The Times of India on Saturday, 29 June 1996.

Here's an old satire on the dog menace in IIT Bombay campus which has become really serious with several children being chased, and in one case even mauled by the dogs.  I have recently restarted writing gazals and it's only after all these years that I have gathered some courage to make them public. So here's my collection titled जुस्तजू (Justajoo, meaning quest). The current version is the first version uploaded on 19 Oct 2009 and will be updated from time to time. I will be very happy to receive feedback on the gazals.

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