An automation framework for configuration management to reduce manual intervention


To support the increasing expectations of clients in getting quick bug resolutions and feature enhancements, many IT industries today use agile software development methodology. Under this methodology changes are made in the software on daily basis. In order to cope-up with these changes, Software Configuration Management (SCM) plays an important role. Configuration manager is responsible for maintaining and monitoring changes which are made in software over a period of time. Version control tools are used by the configuration manager to maintain the software. It allows developers to keep source code in repository and take copy from repository, whenever needed. This makes it necessary to integrate complete code in repository, compile it and create deliverable package. Configuration manager performs these activities, such as analyzing logs of daily compilation and package creation software that is to be delivered. In current scenario these tasks are performed manually. This paper proposes a framework to reduce manual intervention and automate above mentioned tasks of the configuration manager.

Proceedings of the International Conference on Advances in Information Communication Technology & Computing, ACM (AICTC 2016)