Vishal Kaushal

Machine Learning | Computer Vision

Nearing completion of PhD in Machine Learning and Computer Vision at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

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SubModLib is an easy-to-use, efficient and scalable Python library for submodular optimization with a C++ optimization engine. Submodlib finds its application in summarization, data subset selection, hyper parameter tuning, efficient training etc. Through a rich API, it offers a great deal of flexibility in the way it can be used.


Video summarization enables one to consume hours of video in minutes. This serves as an essential component of a video analytics solution. However, video summarization technology today faces certain challenges making it difficult to apply it in real-world settings. Through our work VISIOCITY, we attempt to make video summarization more realistic.

Compliance & Quality Monitoring (Drishti)

A product prototype for classroom compliance and quality monitoring with uniform detection, attendance counting, instructor face recognition, video summarization and class punctuality detection

Post Mortem Video Search Tool (Jigyasa)

A product prototype for object, face and person search in a video repository

Real-time Video Analytics (Suraksha Vyuha)

A product prototype for triggering real-time alerts for motion, intrusion, loitering by analyzing live feed from surveillance camera(s)

Face Recognition

A project with an intent of comparing various deep and shallow techniques for face recognition

Tech Talks

Gave my second talk today in the Machine Learning reading group of CSE@IITB. Chose to speak on a topic which is gathering a lot of …

Gave a talk in the annual research symposium briefly describing my work in video analytics so far

Presented uses of ML in surveillance video analytics and showcased some projects in a workshop conducted by Intel in collaboration with …

Gave a talk today in the Machine Learning reading group of CSE@IITB. What could have been a better choice than something hot off the …

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Accolades et al

Reverse Chronological Order

Dr. P. K. Patwardhan Technology Development Award

For my work on Video Analytics for Security and Compliance Applications with my PhD advisor Prof. Ganesh Ramakrishnan. The Dr. P.K. Patwardhan Technology Development Award is given to the best technology development effort in IIT Bombay.

VIT Shri

Received best faculty award every year

Star Award

For Outstanding Performance and lasting contribution to the Incubator team

Institute Silver Medal

Topper in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Bigyan Sinha Memorial Prize

For being adjudged the second best student in the institute in terms of merit

Certificate of Merit

For securing 65th position among 1000 participating teams worldwide in Bitwise 2K2, an algorithm intensive programming contest

Felicitation Award

For securing all India rank 191 in JEE 2000

Award of Recognition

For being the district topper in 12th among all CBSE schools

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