Honored to be able to create a positive impact in people’s lives.

What people have to say about me

Neha Shimpi

Best teacher, amazing teaching skill and highly positive human being. I enjoyed the course throughout.

Pranjal Rathi

Sir you are the most amazing and inspiring teacher I have come across in VIT..Most of your statements in the class has a life lesson with it…You might not be knowing but we students keep your statements as statuses on WhatsApp

Monica Patel

This course added a whole new chapter to my book of research because I still hope that I’ll be able to get back to mathematics even if I work for 2 years at firm and then apply back. My concepts in statistic and probabilistic modeling got very clear that now even while reading graduate level literature if i come across new term I try to break it down using intuition like you taught us in class and then assess how close I was to actual meaning.

Mahesh Awale

…you are a symbol of excellence. I had never come across person like you who is so dedicated to teach and always make sure that students will enjoy your lecture as much as possible

Rohit Keserwani

Amazing training content and delivery

Samit Das

It was a wonderful training, had an opportunity to brush up the fundamentals as well as got new perspectives. Vishal & Manasi - both put in extra efforts to make us understand the topics intuitively

Subir Chatterjee

I think I enjoyed the course immensely. Helped me refresh my concepts. Excellent work….. Appreciate the hard work and effort that got into creating the content and delivering it with such passion.

Sarda Ganesh

Now those students who didn’t have any idea about Java, are able to write code in Java just because of you.

Megha Kamdar

These sessions went a great way to make our Java concepts crystal clear.The example codes taken in class made all things quite clear.Thank you so much for conducting the course.

Shiwali Zope

You are the best faculty I have ever met!

Ishwari Tambakhe

Very interesting sessions.Crystal clear explanations of all the concepts.Good philosophical breaks while teaching!

Utkarsha Malegaonkar

You have very deep knowledge of java and really helped me to clear concepts…..

Sayyed Sanober

The focus on ‘WHY’ factor made for clear and better understanding.

Mohit Bharanio

The teaching technique followed by you is excellent. It was really comprehensive and all concepts taught are crystal clear. In addition to teaching the philosophy was quite good and motivating.

Rupesh Biradar

All the sessions conducted were very helpful. I liked the way you taught Java in comparison with C and C++. I also liked the interview questions you discussed during the sessions. During the four hour lectures I never got bored even for a single minute. And most important, the revision of content taught in the class on next day was also helpful..thank you sir for your valuable guidance and amazing teaching.

Akshay Mujumdar

Thank you sir, for showing me how sheer genius can be combined with a child’s wonder of the world to make the course this interesting. I hope I grow up to be a teacher as great as you have been to me! :D

Shalaka Kshirsagar

The course was exceedingly good… you have given us altogether different way to approach programming.. All things covered in the course are crystal clear..

Atul Phirke

Sir has taught us different concepts like hypothesis testing, normal distribution in a way that no one had taught us before. As a student, I enjoyed the lecture though it was in morning. Teaching is really excellent.

Pratima Nagare

You’ve been an amazing teacher…..Unlike others….you always came up with real life examples so we could learn them better. I don’t think the course could have been taught in a better way than this!

Swapnil Morwal

The most important things you ever taught me weren’t the lessons about the class material, but the lessons about life that you taught. I consider you not only the best teacher I have ever had, but also the best mentor I have ever had.

Saloni Burad

The course taught about logic building and how to convert it into algorithm. The course definitely helped me in developing programming skills and real life application of coding. It has been very interacting session and every lecture made me think about the logic and how to apply skills.

Apurva Dhabade

Frankly, computer programming is my personal favourite course. One of the most important reason for it is the highly interactive classes. The best part of the class was that more emphasis was laid on logic building rather than syntax