Want to become happy?

Are you one of those who want to become happy? Start by staying away from things which can make you miserable. Somebody has nicely defined “misery” as “you get what you don’t want and you don’t get what you want”. Check out this brilliant video about seven things that can make you miserable. Stay away from them, if you want some happinss in life. Thanks again, CGP Grey!

GPU vs CPU - Demonstrated!

Everybody has heard of CPUs - the Central Processing Units - which make the “brain” of every computer. GPUs - Graphics Processing Units - are lesser heard of unless you are into gaming or are int machine learning. The highly parallel structure of GPUs make them more efficient than general-purpose CPUs for algorithms where the processing of large blocks of data is done in parallel. Here is a brilliant demonstration of the same.

How old are we?

Contrary to the popular belief (thanks to Mr. Darwin) that modern humans evolved in East Africa 200,000 years ago, fossils recovered from an old mine on a desolate mountain in Morocco indicate that we are “older”. Though this has come as a shock to many faithful followers of Charles Darwin, the believers continue to (rationally) believe that God has created us all. The ancient texts of wisdom like The Holy Bible, The Quran, The Bhagavvd Gita, The Srimad Bhagvatam and the likes - all maintain and explain this understanding.

UK? Great Britain? England?

Oh boy! As a child I always wondered what is the difference between the United Kingdom, Britain and England? Soon thereafter I grew up, got busy with so many other things of life that I forgot I ever had this question until I stumbled upon this youtube video which explains it all! Do check out! Thank you CGP Grey!

Is spirituality just a fashion?

Spirituality is the new buzzword of the town. Some see it as a budding career, some delight in expressing their orientation as “spiritual but not religious”. Some use it to describe any experience which is out of this world. Just what is spirituality? Can any and every experience be termed spiritual? Not really. Most of us tend to think that we are human beings with a spiritual dimension to life. Bhagavad Gita however tells that we are spiritual beings, currently in this human body.

Can you have a bite?

Looking to get into one of the best software companies of the world? Even if not, this would do well to exercise your grey cells. Here is a compilation of top challenging questions that have sometime been asked in Apple interviews. If you have 2 eggs, and you want to figure out what’s the highest floor from which you can drop the egg without breaking it, how would you do it?

(Anti) Social Media

I bumped into an elderly co-passenger in train the other day who was struggling to manage his contacts on phone. Sensing that I am a technology guy (due to my laptop, I guess) he asked me for help. Now for any of us who have grown in the word of technology, this is certainly not the most difficult problem to solve. Sure enough, I helped him out and was satisfied to see a smile on his face.

A gentle introduction to Machine Learning

One of the better introductions to Machine Learning I have come across till now. It is at a very high level, I must admit, but the non-mathematical intuition behind the most basic and fundamental algorithms of Machine Learning has been very nicely covered with appropriate examples. Good job, Luis Serrano. Do check out!

YOLO: Real-time Object Detection

Gave a talk today in the Machine Learning reading group of CSE@IITB. What could have been a better choice than something hot off the press from CVPR 2016? YOLO’s claim to fame is that it is the most accurate real-time object detector and is also the fastest object detector in literature today. Here is the presentation I made. Enjoy!


Need to give a talk or conduct a lecture? Wondering what is one of the more effective ways of explaining a concept to somebody who has absolutely no idea of what it is about? Try A.D.E.P.T. This idea from Kalid Azad of seems quite interesting. A - Analogies D - Diagrams E - Examples P - Plain Language T - Technical Definition [Image courtesy:]