Need to give a talk or conduct a lecture? Wondering what is one of the more effective ways of explaining a concept to somebody who has absolutely no idea of what it is about? Try A.D.E.P.T. This idea from Kalid Azad of seems quite interesting. A - Analogies D - Diagrams E - Examples P - Plain Language T - Technical Definition [Image courtesy:]

Industry Expectations From an Engineer

Featured Article: “Industry Expectations from an Engineer” by Rajagopalan P, Infosys, Mysore. The “industry-academia gap” is a widely discussed topic. This gap can be minimized by understanding what the industry expects from a fresh engineer. This article is an attempt to list out the top 8 expectations industries have from an engineer. Learnability: The fluid industry trends in today’s world force engineers to be life-long learners! Learnability is the ability to generalize a specific knowledge and apply in various contexts.