(Anti) Social Media

I bumped into an elderly co-passenger in train the other day who was struggling to manage his contacts on phone. Sensing that I am a technology guy (due to my laptop, I guess) he asked me for help. Now for any of us who have grown in the word of technology, this is certainly not the most difficult problem to solve. Sure enough, I helped him out and was satisfied to see a smile on his face.

Are You Thinking?

It is said, “culture is like blood”. Blood is arguably one of the most important things in our body, yet we do not realize its presence/value unless we start losing it. Much the same way, culture is a vital element of the social fabric, but we do not realize its value unless we see the effects of its degradation. In this connection, several years back I had come across this post and would like to share it again here: I hope this catches YOU the way it caught me!