Department Of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT-Bombay
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26th & 27th March 2011
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Cloud Computing and Virtualization


The creation of computers in 1930's reflected several coincident factors and led a number of mathematicians, engineers, economists and physicists to turn their attention to mastering and enhancing the capabilities of this novel tool. But computers proved so powerful and absorbing, so interesting and open-eyed and so uniquely challenging that many of these people realised that they had in fact left their original disciplines and were pioneering a new field.

What started with such a simple computing machine as abacus 5000 years ago has come a long way now. Computer Science is now becoming as fundamental to science as mathematics already is and with a hope to bring together the budding computer scientist and engineers of our country together the Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., IIT Bombay brings to you a platform to showcase your talents and skills, add to it and so much more in the form of its annual flagship event - Convergence '11 with the theme Cloud Computing & Virtualization. Through this amalgamation of academia and thrill we present to you a bewitching series of online and offline competitions, workshops and lectures that will help you capture the essence of computer science. So as we say, shed your prenotions because it is time to innovate, to open the doors to a new perspective, where the geniuses think, plan and create - Unclouding the Mind.