Rural Drinking Water Page

  • Concept Note prepared by Unicef
  • Presentation by Milind Sohoni
  • Bakul Rao's presentation on response to concept note
  • M.Tech thesis report of Vishal Vispute
  • Appendix to M.Tech thesis report of Vishal Vispute
  • Presentation 1 for 11th Jan., 2010
  • GSDA data analysis By Vijay
  • M.Tech Project I Groundwater Regulations - Seema

    Documents and Presentations for the meeting of Feb. 7th, 2011

  • Presentation by Milind Sohoni on (i) data monitoring project, (ii) SVS/MVS and (iii) internal research.
  • Proposal details for Monitoring project.
  • Timelines for Monitoring project.
  • Proposal details for SVS/MVS.
  • Timelines for SVS/MVS.
  • Financials for SVS/MVS.
  • Presentation by Bakul Rao on GP level monitoring.
  • Document on GP level monitoring project.
  • Financials for GP level monitoring project.

    Other Documents

  • Presentation of 27th May 2011 on our study of MVS and SVS
  • Revised Proposals as of 14 June 2011