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About Me

Cinque Terre

Hi! Myself Manas Bhargava. I hail from the city of Gwalior the land known for its food and forts.I am a learner by passion (attempts only a few things at a time but do them with utmost dedication), a gamer by interest (being a pro gamer in real time strategy games) and a gardener by hobby(prepared a nursery with a team and maintain a garden in my hometown).
I am a Third-year student at IIT-Bombay undertaking B.tech degree in Computer Science department.Now coming toward my academic interests I love taking part in technical talks whether taken by Professor or a student club. (Being a tech geek I have developed some cool stuff in my first year during my leisure time.)

To know more about my projects and other technical details have a quick look at my Resume.

My Interests -

  1. Computer Graphics
  2. Image Processing
  3. Machine Learning
  4. Artificial Intelligence
  5. Game development

My Contact Details -

You can contact me via -

My current address -

Room No.-23, Hostel-7, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay.

Powai 400076. Mumbai Maharashtra.

Mobile Number - 9479874705 , 9987582989

My permanenet address -

House number - 23 Cimmco line Birla Nagar ,

Gwalior- 474004, M.P.

Mobile Number - 9479677700