Please check the academic session schedule on my home page.

If there is something that takes less than 3 minutes, and I know you, please walk in -- feel free to push the door in and walk, but as a courtesy knock a couple of times before pushing the door.. Do NOT send email in such cases. Otherwise,

  1. If you are my (BTP, DDP, MTP, seminar, Ph.D, summer) student then you know you can contact me at any time. The best bet is to pick up the phone and call me. Feel free to call me at home.
  2. Above points also applied to any senior TA assigned to me.
  3. If you are outside IIT, and we have never exchanged email before, write to me by affixing the domain name acm dot org after sharat (something like ) (you might want to check out this page first though). There is no guarantee that I will reply your email although I usually do.
  4. If you are outside IIT, and we have exchanged emails, please do send me mail at my work (IIT) address
  5. If you are inside IIT, and I do NOT know you, please see me during office hours.
  6. If you are taking my class, please see me during class office hours.

Since we have been asked to leave the CSE department building, I now work out of two places. (See directions)

Feel free to slide under my door any routine paper that requires my signature. Unless you find it very difficult, place a small explanatory covering note with your emailid somewhere. Do NOT send email in such cases.