(Anti) Social Media

I bumped into an elderly co-passenger in train the other day who was struggling to manage his contacts on phone. Sensing that I am a technology guy (due to my laptop, I guess) he asked me for help. Now for any of us who have grown in the word of technology, this is certainly not the most difficult problem to solve. Sure enough, I helped him out and was satisfied to see a smile on his face.

A bug in fMRI software could invalidate 15 years of brain research

Not that I like to condemn our scientific and technological advancement (as a research scientist at IIT Bombay I myself am full time into it) but I want to make a point that when people label faith (in God/spirituality) as unscientific, they may be failing to understand that what is “scientific” also demands some kind of faith, if you understand what I mean. According to a recent post in science alert, a bug in fMRI software could invalidate 15 years of brain research!

Life = Soul, not Heart - Man goes 555 days without one!!

According to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Shri Krishna in Bhagavad Gita 18.61, this body is like a machine, with various organs equivalent to different parts/instruments of the machine. Else where in 2.20 He describes the driver or the operator of the machine as us, the living beings, the spirit soul which is indestructible. Interestingly, the following recent news is inline with the above facts mentioned in Bhagavd Gita. Do read and share!

Who should get the Turing Award? You decide

Here is another clue of amazing design in nature - and so close to us! Read on. “Unbreakable” security codes inspired by nature

Intelligent Design: God's Fingerprint

Remember the famous Fibonacci Sequence you heard of back in school? Watch this video and be amazed at the intelligence of God behind this creation: