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XData: Automated Grading of Student SQL Queries

Grading student SQL queries is usually done by manually checking whether the SQL query submitted by the student matches the correct query or by comparing the results of student SQL queries with that of correct queries on fixed datasets. Manual checking is cumbersome and error-prone since students may write queries in a variety of different ways, while using fixed datasets (independent of the query) may fail to catch errors in student queries. Also for the purpose of grading, incorrect SQL queries should be awarded partial marks.

The XData system developed at IIT Bombay address the problem of grading student SQL queries in the following ways:

The grading system has a number of useful features, including

Software: Grading system

Currently XData is only available as software for you to download and install on your server; you can do so either using Docker (recommended, since it can be used on any platform, without any configuration) or using an install shell script.



XData has been developed by a number of students of the CSE Department, IIT Bombay, under the guidance of Prof. S. Sudarshan, over the course of several years.
Current Team Members: Bikash Chandra, Aarti Sharma, Ravi Shankar Karnam
Alumni: Ananyo Banerjee, Udbhas Hazra, Shreevidhya Acharya, Neha Garg, Mathew Joseph, Akshay Bhapat, Bharath Radhakrishnan, Shetal Shah, Amol Bhangdiya, K V Maheshwara Reddy, Biplab Kar, Ankit Shah, Bhupesh Chawda, Junaid Mohammed, Suhas Kajbaje, Sandeep Patidar, Bhanu Gupta, Devang Vira


The XData project has been partially funded by generous support from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).