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    Grading of student SQL queries is usually done by executing the query on sample datasets (which may be unable to catch many errors) or by manually comparing/checking a student query with the correct query (which can be tedious in addition to missing errors) or both.

    The XData grading tool which can be used by instructors and TAs for grading SQL query assignments automatically. Provided with one or more correct queries for an SQL assignment, the tool uses the XData system to automatically generate datasets that are designed specifically to catch common errors. The grading is then done by comparing the result of student queries with that of the correct queries against these generated datasets as well as additional datasets optionally provided by the graders.

    The tool can also be used in a learning mode by students, where it can provide immediate feedback with hints explaining possible reasons for erroneous output. This tool could be of great value to instructors particularly to those of MOOCs.

    The grading tool can be integrated with a Learning Management System(LMS) like Moodle or Blackboard where the grading tool can use student and instructor logins from a course in the LMS can be used. It can be also used as a standalone tool where courses and user logins need to be created by an admin.