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  • Developer Setup

    The developer mode allows for setting up the tool in an IDE such as Eclipse.

    1. Get the project folder from gitlab.
    2. Install PostgreSQL (version 9.1 or above) and Apache tomcat server.
    3. Run the installer.sh file as root to create databases and add the SMT solver.
    4. Modify the file XData.properties file in XDataWeb/Webcontent to change the database settings.
    5. Install Eclipse EE Edition and JDK (version 1.7 or above).
    6. Click on File->Import and under Java->Existing Projects into workspace. Browse to the root of XData directory and click Add.
    7. Go to Window->Show View->Others and select Servers. Click on add a new server. Select the appropriate Tomcat version and set it up. In the end, add XData to the Tomcat Server projects and close the window.
    8. Build your project, and open the following URL in the browser
    9. Login with admin credentials and create the XData users and XData course. Follow instructions given here for proceeding.