Office: KReSIT 316

Om P. Damani

Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering,
IIT Bombay
Also associated with
Centre for Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA)
My favourites:
Dijkstra: Computing Science's founding father
AID: Voluntary Org
Narmada, Bhopal: Social Justice Causes
Earthcare Books: Book Store

Academic Interests

Technology for Development of the bottom 80% of the population, Correct by Construction Approach to Programming, System Dynamics.

Softwares Developed

JalTantra: A System for Design and Optimization of Water Distribution Networks : Optimal, fast, and free.
CAPS: A Calculational Assistant for Programming from Specifications : Bugs free programming - Yes we can !


CPOST: CRF based Hindi Part of Speech Tagger: No longer being supported.


Fall 2015: CS 671 - ICT for Development - System Dynamics
Fall 2015: CS 152/154 - Abstractions and Paradigms for Programming
Fall 2014: CS 420 - Program Derivation
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Selected Publications

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PhD Students

Current: Shreenivas Kunte, Parthasarathy T, Sivamuthu Prakash Murugan, Nikhil Hooda, Dipak L. Chaudhari.
Graduated: Prateek Kapadia, Manoj K. Chinnakotla.

MTech Students

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Past Teaching

Spring 2014: CS 671 - ICT for Development - System Dynamics
Fall 2013: TD 651 - System Dynamics
Fall 2013: CS 402 - Advanced Program Derivation
Spring 2013: CS 420 - Program Derivation
Autumn 2012: CS 420 - Program Derivation
Spring 2012: TD 604/TD 609 - System Dynamics & Social Science Research Methods / Field Work
Autumn 2011: CS 420 - Program Derivation
Spring 2011: CS 422 - System Specification & Implementation
Autumn 2010: CS 213 - Data Structures & Algorithms
Spring 2010: CS 420 - Program Derivation
Autumn 2009: CS 213 - Data Structures & Algorithms
Spring 2009: Natural Language Processing
Autumn 2008: Advanced Natural Language Processing
Spring 2008: Advanced Software Lab, Natural Language Processing
Autumn 2007: Advanced Software Lab, Linguistics and NLP(HS 620)
Autumn 2006: Foundations Lab
Spring 2006: Internet Technology
Spring 2005: New Trends in IT