Visa Information

List of Documents required while applying for Conference Visa:

  1. Invitation letter from APSys 2017 (Visa Invitation Request Procedure)
  2. APSys 2017 registration order number
  3. Clearance document from Ministry of Home Affairs, Foreigners Division : Download
  4. Clearance document from Ministry of External Affairs : Download
  5. Clearance document from Ministry of Human Resources and Development: Download
  6. Clearance document from Government of Maharashtra : Download

Request for invitation letter

If you need an invitation letter for visa or other purposes, please contact
Please include “INVITATION LETTER REQUEST” in your email subject and specify in your email body these six fields:

  1. Full name (exactly as in passport):
  2. Gender:
  3. Nationality:
  4. Passport number/ID:
  5. Job Position:
  6. Employer/Affiliation:

Visa Type

Foreign participants should submit online application for visa at immediately. Indian Missions abroad are authorized to issue Conference Visas to delegates on production of an invitation letter from the organizer(s), Clearance document from Ministry of Home Affairs (Foreigners Division) and a copy of Clearance document from Ministry of External Affairs conveying political clearance.
However, Visa for participants from (1) Afghanistan (2) Iraq, (3) Pakistan (4) Sudan (5) Foreigners of Pakistani origin and (6) Stateless persons can be issued only after MHA Clearance. Therefore, online application for Visa must be made well in advance.

NOTE: Do not apply for eVISA or Tourist visa. The visa type should be ‘Conference Visa‘.